Raspberry Truffle

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Grizwald's Raspberry Truffle is a silky smooth blend of fine flavours.

Subtle raspberry with hints of chocolate and a creamy undertone make this an easy to vape recipe at any time of the day.

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  • Child Proof Caps
  • Toxic Store safely away from children & pets

    Really liked this one as a break from all the menthol & aniseed that are my staples. Also a favourite with the missus. Looking forward to trying it again now that I've moved onto tanks that give me better flavour from my liquids, as I found it a tiny bit lacking in intensity of flavour. As another reviewer has already mentioned it is very much like a 'Ruffles' chocolate. [Simon Brown, October 2014] The flavour of this makes a super tasty vape! Sometimes 'chocolatey' liquids can be a bit rank for me but the balance of flavours really come through well. This to me tastes exactly like the chocolate covered pink truffle bars, I think they were called 'Ruffles'. A really great vape, after dinner or all day! Highly recommend the 20mg [Richard Wilson, May 2014]

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