Raspberry Dream

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Grizwald's Raspberry Dream is a smooth and creamy raspberry, without the tart edge that many liquids have.

Easy to vape, with a nice fresh flavour, without being over powering or sickly.

  • PG/VG Mix
  • Child Proof Caps
  • Toxic Store safely away from children & pets

    Great juice, really nice. Its a bit like a raspberry watermelon flavour in that the raspberry is a nice light taste not a heavy sickly taste. Enjoying this one very much. [Neal King, June 2014] This has become my flavour of choice. With a bit of steeping it matures into a nice smooth fruity raspberry flavour with a slight bite but without being too sharp, unlike some of the citrus flavours. It's well balanced and not too sweet and sickly. Another advantage is that is doesn't burn as readily as some of the other flavours, so your lower-resistance atomisers will last longer before needing maintenance/replacement. [Matt Read, May 2014] Once this arrived I left it for few days to rest as advised. Beautiful smooth raspberry flavour with a slightly creamy edge. No sour tones what so ever and definitely one I will buy again. [Brian Leslie, February 2014] They've nailed the raspberry flavour but I didn't get the creaminess. Too tart for my taste (4 days steeping) an occasional vape for me [Pete Smith, February 2014] Nice raspberry taste was expecting a subtle biscuit flavor like some of the same flavour i got from a different vendor but its just a nice creamy raspberry taste. [Nathan Reynolds, February 2014]

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