Peanut Butter

Grizwald's Peanut Butter

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Grizwald's Peanut Butter is smooth and well balanced. Just the right proportions to make it easy on the palate, yet with ample flavour.

  • PG/VG Mix
  • Child Proof Caps
  • Toxic Store safely away from children & pets

    This is one of the best i have tried as far as flavored liquids go i really enjoyed it but i think the flavor is like popcorn and peanut Butter its slightly sweet but not too sweet its a great vape with a hit on the throat thats pleasant and not too harsh i have even tried mixing it to Flu as i wasn't over keen on it and with the peanut /popcorn flavor its realy nice on a 50/50 mix [Gene Dumoitier, March 2014] More like peanut and toasted hazelnut thatn peanut butter. nice nutty vape though. [Marc, July 2013] A very nice smooth Peanut Butter taste, it had a bit of a strange taste to start with, but after a few days steeping it really came into its own. I couldn't vape it all day, but its really nice to turn to when i need a change. [Smooth, July 2013]

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