Country Store

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Grizwald's Country Store is a complex mix of several subtle flavours - buttery, biscuity, maybe even a hint of popcorn.

  • 70/30 PG
  • 10ml easy squeeze TPD compliant bottles with child proof caps
  • All of the e-liquids from the Grizwald's Nicotine range are UK manufactured and do not contain known respiratory irritants such as diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, and acetoin.

    Please note: It is known that some e-liquid ingredients can cause cracking, frosting or even melting of polycarbonate, plastic or acrylic tanks and tubes. This list is not exhaustive but flavourings such as absinthe, cinnamon, spearmint, citrus and cola liquids can cause this damage and are better off using these in an atomizer/cartomizer that is glass, pyrex or metal.
    Bottle Size 10ml
    Low 3mg
    Medium 10mg
    High 18mg
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    Toxic Store safely away from children & pets

    I stayed away from this for months, but now its possibly my favourite grizwald juice. I really don't think VE do themselves any favours with the picture or the name on this juice. To me, this is like a REALLY buttery oat hobnob. Buttery Biscuit Base. Sweet, but not sickly. WILL buy again. [David Eccles, March 2015] A very accurate description as it indeed does taste like a nutty caramel home made style biscuit. (bought the 14mg strength) Would definitely buy again. [Jason Downes, February 2015] Lovely! I'm quite new to vaping and haven't tried all of the other flavours available yet, but this one really made me think to myself 'yeah man..nice...real nice'. Really biscuity with an ever so slight nutty or popcorny finish. It is a tad sweet though so it may not be to everyone's taste. Can't fault it in my opinion - I would recommend you try a small sample first (another reviewer very aptly stated vaping 'Marmite' in that you'll either really love it or absolutely hate it). [Mark Harvery, September 2014] Too strong a flavour on its own, but really good mixed with RY4. Tastes really biscuity and 'burnt caramely'. [Jo Rayner, July 2014]