Citrus Spring

Citrus Spring

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Refreshing and moreish.

Grizwald's Citrus Spring has a hint of lime, a dash of lemon and clean crisp taste. You will have no problem enjoying this at any time of day.

***New Recipe***

The Citrus Spring is now made to a new recipe and has a slightly more tangy edge than the original.

  • 70/30 PG
  • 10ml easy squeeze TPD compliant bottles with child proof caps
  • Bottle Size 10ml
    Low 3mg
    Medium 10mg
    High 18mg
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    Toxic Store safely away from children & pets

    Nice vape and flavour...have it in a second clearo for when I'm bored with mint! [Kevin, May 2014]'s like vaping 7-Up. Very refreshing, I see this being a favourite of mine. [Guy B, April 2014] I've tried a few other citrus flavours and this is my favourite. It's in my top 3 flavours at the moment. It's a sharp flavour with a hint of sweetness. I'm not usually a fan of fruity flavours but this one's spot on. It's probably not comparable to other fruity flavours though, citrus flavours are a bit different. Buying more right now. [Jez, January 2014] Tastes like Sprite or 7-up. Very strong throat hit, though you do tend to get that with citrus liquids in general. Excellent vapour production & odourless. Is a refreshing liquid, good for a change to keep your palate interested. One of my favourites. [Joe Baxter, November 2013] Loved it! Citrusy fresh vape that zings on your tongue. You can really taste the lime, with a hint of lemon tartness and a little sweetness thrown in. Will definitely be ordering more, it's wonderful, one of my fave juices so far. [Lynda Doig, August 2013]